Katarina Broadribb has been cooking for as long as she can remember. Whether it was as a child in her home town of Bratislava, as mum creating delicious meals for her family or gourmet suppers for grateful friends, Katarina has always enjoyed cooking. In 2010 she decided to take her passion a step further and make it her career. She joined the cookery school working alongside Leiths trained chefs. This experience coupled with formal training at Billingsgate Seafood School broadened her own cookery skills and showed her she had a gift for teaching others to get the very best out of their cooking experience.

Lemon and Soul, established in 2013, is the next chapter in her exciting culinary adventure, drawing on influences from around the world and particularly her Slovakian heritage. When she’s not busy running classes or building the business, Katarina can be found in her home kitchen, testing and experimenting with recipes to ensure her classes are always fresh, unique, interesting and fun.

Cooking is in her heart and in her soul, and she is on a mission to inspire everyone from children to teens to adults to fall in love with cooking and appreciate quality food. So join her celebration and have a go at cooking with a twist with Lemon and Soul.

For more information on current classes or to book a class, visit the Lemon & Soul website.