Having won two Gold and a Bronze at World Bread Competition, we should know something about bread. During this 4-hour workshop, we will teach you how to make some wonderful bread from scratch and explain how to prepare a sourdough.

5 grain sourdough



We have a great passion for fish in our family. Simons dads family used to own three wet fish shops and to this day his dad cooks for us some wonderful fish recipes.
We will teach you how to fillet flat and round fish, how to pan fry it to perfection with the crispy skin and how to prepare it en papillote.
We will also guide you through the sustainability of certain species as well as how to spot the signs of super fresh fish.


The beef forequarter is a really interesting one, so we start by trimming and cutting some hanger steaks, then we break down a whole beef forequarter looking at the different cuts / muscles and what each one is used for.

Of all the beef course this one is the most interesting for me, traditionally this part of the beast would have been all stewing / braising / mince, but the are so many other small muscles in the fore quarter which make great flavoursome steaks.  The Denver – feather – pave – 7 bone, all in the forequarter.

This is a hands on class, and you will take home some of the cuts we work on.

Whilst this is happening we will sample different steaks.

Finnish with a meal and wine or a soft drink.


On the steak class, we cut, bone out the main steaks, rump, sirloin and fillets, whilst this is going on, my lovely assistant will be cooking up samples for all to try. We will then cut the less well known steaks, feather bone, hanger, denver, bavett, spider steak to name a few, again these will be cooked and sample as we go along.

We talk about, what to look for when buying steak, cooking steak and which steaks are best for what.

Its a very hands on course, no standing around, and you end up taking some of the steaks home, which you have worked on that night.

We look at the ageing process of beef and how it effects the steak, does the bred make a difference, grass or grain fed ??

Most of the time you will have one steak at a time and maybe another 3 weeks later, on this course you can try different steaks and compare the flavour and the tenderness. forget the boring, expensive fillet, please.

We end the evening with a steak dinner, and a glass of wine or an equivalent non alcoholic liquid.


 On the lamb class we start of by breaking down the whole lamb, looking at the different cuts, whilst sampling different parts of the lamb.  This a very hands on class and whilst working we will be talking about the different types of lamb and how the lamb varies though the year and seasons.
You normally bone and roll two cuts to take home with you. The breast/ belly of the lamb with a seasoning and the shoulder of lamb with a stuffing.
After all the work we end with a meal and a glass of wine or a soft drink.