6.30pm – 9.30pm £105.00

As the name suggests, we bone out 3 birds in this course! It is a very busy workshop!  Things can change depending on which birds are available but normally we start with the messy job of preparing a whole pheasant ( feathers and all), taking the breasts and thighs off and putting them to one side.  As we work we will be sampling different stuffing’s to see if you want to include these in your creation.  We then will bone out a large duck and a chicken.  The 3 bird roast is then assembled with or without the stuffing. (with is better,it feds more, it keeps the meats moist, it carves better, it is nicer when cold when the stuffing is in). We stuff it, roll it and tie it up, ideally with the butchers knot, but as long as its tied.  Your master pieces are then vacuum packed for you to take home, you can freeze this for Christmas, or cook it in the next 3 days and do another one nearer the big day.  We end the evening with drink and supper, normally a 3 birds roast with some lovely trimmings.