You will be given a warm welcome when you visit us in our newly opened Steak Bar at Uptons of Bassett in Southampton. From tasty breakfasts to filling lunches, steaks cooked to order, or if you are popping in for a coffee and one of our ‘small plates’, our aim is to provide ethically sourced, locally farmed, fresh menu ingredients served to you in our modern butchers shop.

We are open Monday – Saturday from 7.00am to 5.30pm and you can  visit us here.


Proper Bacon Sandwich or Champion Sausage Sandwich £4
Add free range egg £1
Upton’s Full English £9
chipolatas, champion black pudding, house middle bacon, 2 free-range eggs, toast & butter
Steak ‘n’ eggs £12
A lesser known cut cooked rare, 2 fried eggs, harissa, local watercress

Small Plates 
Three Chipolatas & Mustard £3
Sausage roll& tomato chutney £3
Scotch Egg & brown sauce £4
Pork Pie & Piccalilli £4
Our brawn, pickled cucumber & toast £5

Sarni’s (all come with pork scratching) 
Peruvian Chicken Bagel “Britain’s Best Bagel 2016”     £6
marinated chicken with Aji sauce, coriander & lime
Best of the South Wrap £8
fillet Steak, chipotle sauce, caramelised onions, Rocket

Butchers block (built for two) 
Cheese £13
Today’s Three cheeses, local chutneys & crackers
Picnic £13
pork pie, sausage roll, ham, roast beef, pickled onion, piccalilli, bread & butter
Cured £13
Salt beef, ham, smoked chicken, salami, gherkins, olives, bread & butter

Pop Up Evenings
In 2017, we will be hosting our first three special pop up dinner clubs, running on Fridays between 7pm-10pm. £30 per person

SMOKEY RIB FEAST – June 30th, 2017  
Starter: Smoked pork ribs & kimchi
Main: Jacobs ladder (beef short ribs), smoked brisket served with salad
Desert: Home-made sorbet

STEAK, STEAK and MORE STEAK – September 15th, 2017
We will choose four of our best steaks from our ageing cabinet. They will be local and aged for 6 weeks. Steaks will be served with sauces and sides.
Desert: Home-made port jellies

GAME NIGHT – November 3rd, 2017
Menu TBC

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