6.30pm – 9.30pm £105.00

Nose to tail, this is not so much like Fergus Henderson’s St John restaurant( where he uses even bits of the animal, I won’t eat, not offence Fergus) . It is about using the lesser known cut which in most cases are also the tastiest. The cuts we will use in this course will change but it all about hands on butcher, learning about some of the lesser used cuts and where they come from like the hanger steaks from the beef, the breast of lamb ( every knows and loves the pork belly, why is it only the old ladies and gypsies use the lamb equivalent). Pork cheeks or beef cheeks we will bone or trim and perhaps seam a leg of pork ( I know, that is not a lesser known cut, you are saying, but the muscles in side are). We might touch on some offal too.