Steak Bar video – what happens behind the scene

The Uptons steak bar and bistro has now been open for a few months, and we love it! At number one on the menu is our bacon sandwich (served with or without egg). We cure the bacon ourselves with fennel, black pepper, salt and brown sugar, using an old cut called the collar; a tasty, marbled shoulder cut. We dry cure to reduce the water content – unlike the higher water content of most cafe bacons – hang the bacon to dry, and then smoke it over oak.

You may not be surprised to learn that the Uptons full English breakfast is the next favourite on the menu. We make the chipolatas, dry cure the bacon, make the black pudding, buy the bread from Jim in Netley, and Wayne lays the eggs. Just kidding; the eggs are reared free range in Romsey.

We should have opened a bistro years ago, we’re enjoying every minute of preparing and serving delicious morsels to you all! Don’t share our regret – call in soon for brunch, a full English, small plates, salads or just a coffee and cake. We’re open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 5.30pm: browse the full menu here.

Watch our video below.


Uptons are traditional pork pie & young sausage maker 2016 champions

On May 22nd, 2016, 38 independent butchers entered 197 products to compete for the The Pork Awards 2016 Championship. We are very pleased to say that Uptons of Bassett pork pie won the Traditional Pork Pie 2016 Award. A well done cheer also goes to our boy James whose pork and marmite sausage won him the Best Young Sausage Maker 2016 Award. Continue reading “Uptons are traditional pork pie & young sausage maker 2016 champions”