Uptons are traditional pork pie & young sausage maker 2016 champions

On May 22nd, 2016, 38 independent butchers entered 197 products to compete for the The Pork Awards 2016 Championship. We are very pleased to say that Uptons of Bassett pork pie won the Traditional Pork Pie 2016 Award. A well done cheer also goes to our boy James whose pork and marmite sausage won him the Best Young Sausage Maker 2016 Award.

The Pork Awards events are held each year and provide a chance for butchers across the Midland and Southern Counties to get their home made pork products evaluated by a team of seasoned and well-respected judges. The judges evaluate raw appearance, taste, texture, smell, production method, size consistency, filling, shrinkage and how appealing the overall finished cooked product looks.

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