6.30pm – 9.30pm £95.00

The beef hind quarter is the second part of the beast, being pulled along by the front (fore quarter’s) of the animal, so generally you have softer/ tenderer meat in this part. This includes your every day roasting joints, topside, silverside, top rump, which are all based around the top of the leg. These cuts you ( or we as a class ) we seam out with a boning knife, so you can see where they come from and the difference between them. We will take off the small spider steak, or popes eye and have this cooked up for a taster as we work. Then we will carefully bone and roll a flank, which is the bottom part of the brisket, for slow roasting or braising. You also trim and take out the gristle in an onglet steak, which we will also sample. All the while we ( OK, me ) will be talking about beef, what to look for, the difference between the cuts, good and bad beef. We will end the evening eating delicious home-made beefy supper and glass of wine or two.